The Interrogator (Richard Brake) has each of the final three Kingsman trainees tied to a railroad track before asking them about the organisation. Eggsy and Roxy pass the test by keeping their identities to their mock "deaths", while Charlie fails by fully confessing to the Interrogator, much to Arthur's disappointment.

He conducts the secret test of character on the three final trainees. He drugs them, ties them to train tracks and demands information for their lives. Eggsy and Roxy succeed; Charlie does not. Amusingly, the Interrogator just grins and allows Charlie to think he's about to die for the sheer fun of it, or maybe as an added punishment.


  • Was meant to reprise his role in the sequel, but his scenes were left on the cutting room floor.
  • He might appear to be jovially sadistic, but he's actually an ally of the Kingsman and is presumably rather in-deep with them considering the information he's trusted with.
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