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"You know why the measurement of alcohol content is called 'proof'? See, comes from back in the old days when pirates wanted to test the strength of their rum. They used to pour a little bit out on gunpowder. And then the gunpowder, if it burnt when they set it alight, they considered it proof that their rum was good and strong. But see, I ain't got no gunpowder on me, do I? But I'm pretty sure you boys'll make just as impressive of a sound when I set your balls on fire."
― Agent Tequila to Gary Unwin and Merlin[src]

Statesman is a primary protagonist faction of the Kingsman film series. It is a top-secret, independent intelligence and espionage agency based in the United States of America dedicated to upholding peace and protecting the world from terrorists and other major threats. To the public, it is simply a highly popular, national brand of bourbon whiskey distilleries headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky; after the events of The Golden Circle, Statesman initiates an operation to help their British brethren rebuild in the UK, by buying a chain of single-malt scotch distilleries in Scotland and gifting them to Kingsman. Statesman agents are given code-names based on alcoholic drinks or mixers, such as Whiskey and Tequila and are almost always dressed in old western-style bullet-proof suits complete with high-tech glasses.



"Gentlemen, my time overseas has opened my eyes to the magnificence of the wider world and the dangers that threaten the fragile peace we've come to undervalue. For that peace to be upheld, to protect innocent lives and ensure stability, those who have the ability and the means to see this mission through must step up. The Kingsman Agency in the United Kingdom has already taken their first steps in following that sacred mission. I submit to you all here now, that we must do the same. We too shall establish our own venture. Welcome gentlemen, to Statesman."
United States Ambassador[src]

The origins of Statesman are intricately connected with those of their British counterparts, the Kingsman. The agency was most likely born during the tumultuous World War I period, but probably wasn't officially established until 1919, when the war was over.

Known Members

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  • It is possible that Woodrow Wilson could be a co-founder with the United States Ambassador, who founded the Statesman, when he asked his aide for a drink "Statesman on the rocks, please.", hinting that he gives the name of the agency to The Ambassador.
  • The Statesman Doomsday Protocol is a vintage tactical umbrella kept in a locked safe at the Statesman Kentucky distillery; the umbrella has the Statesman logo in place of the S in the Kingsman name as a clue directing the surviving Statesman agent(s) to make contact with Kingsman.
  • To date, seven Statesman agents have been named on-screen; Champagne, Whiskey, Tequila, Ginger Ale, Rum, Vodka and Cognac.
  • It is possible that the Ambassador returned to the United States to found the Statesman and being the first Champagne; this is further backed up by Agent Whiskey (formerly Ginger Ale) revealing to Tequila that Statesman's founder was a client of Kingsman Tailors.