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The Statesman is a secret independent intelligence agency based in the United States of America. It is the counterpart of the UK's Kingsman. Agents of Statesman are given code names, based on American drinks, such as Whiskey and Tequila. The leader of Statesman is a man or woman known as Champagne. As a cover-up, the Statesman Headquarters poses as an understated Bourbon whiskey distillery in Kentucky. The distillery acts as the agency's main source of income and funding as Champagne often checks the stock value of the agency.

All agents within the organization own shares in the distillery. Champagne and Whiskey are two major shareholders of the Statesman.

Known Members

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Current Agents

Former Agents

  • Jack Daniels (Whiskey, major shareholder, former field agent and traitor, Deceased)
  • Tequila (field agent, became a Kingsman agent)
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