The Kingsman Directory

Shola worked in the service of The Duke of Oxford and was one of the first Kingsman with Polly Wilkins and Conrad Oxford during their mission in 1916. He also the original Merlin.


During the Second Boer War, Shola accompanied Orlando, his wife Emily Oxford, his son Conrad, and members of the Red Cross to a concentration camp in South Africa. Shola entertained Conrad as his mother Emily walked towards the camp to get an update. Shola and Conrad discussed the story of King Arthur and his Knights. Conrad envisioned himself becoming Lancelot, his father, Arthur, his mother, Guinevere, and Shola being Merlin. Shola was seemingly touched by the notion.

Not long after, the camp was suddenly ambushed by enemy forces. Shola sprang into action, tracking down a sniper who was gunning down British Troops and was trying to kill General Kitchener. Shola impaled the sniper with his blade but not before the sniper inadvertently shot Emily Oxford, causing her to bleed out and perish minutes later.

Twelve years after the Second Boer War, Orlando has recruited two of his servants which are Shola and Polly Wilkins, into his spy network dedicated to protecting the United Kingdom and the British Empire from the approaching Great War. Eventually, Orlando, is spurred to head to Russia with Shola, Polly, and his son Conrad Oxford to deal with Grigori Rasputin once and for all. Later, at a Christmas party hosted by Prince Yusupov, Orlando an his group fight, which includes Shola, and the skirmish eventually ends when Polly kills Rasputin. Eventually, Orlando's group learn that President Wilson is being blackmailed with a film of him being seduced by one of the Shepherd's agents, Mata Hari. Orlando locates her at the American embassy and after overpowering her recovers her cashmere scarf, made from rare wool only found in one specific mountainous region. Correctly identifying this location as the Shepherd's base of operations, Orlando, Shola, and Polly head there and fight their way inside. Morton, who had faked his own death and sunk the armoured cruiser, is revealed to be the Shepherd. Orlando and Shola fight and kill Morton while Polly recovers the original film negative of Wilson's seduction, allowing his country's forces to mobilise.

A year after the war, Orlando purchases the Kingsman Tailor Shop as a front for his burgeoning spy organization. Orlando, Shola, Polly, King George V, Archie Reid, and a United States Ambassador form the original Kingsman, each assuming a codename from the King Arthur legend to honour Conrad. Shola was given the codename of “Merlin”, and became the organization’s quartermaster.


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