"I suppose asking to borrow a cup of sugar is a step too far."
― James Spencer[src]

James Spencer, also known as Lancelot, was a Kingsman agent.


Lancelot cutting to half by Gazelle

James Spencer was born on 28 May 1975. He and Lee Unwin were the last two candidates to become Lancelot. They were sent on a mission in the Middle East in 1997, along with Harry Hart and Merlin. When Lee died on the mission he took the position of Lancelot.

Seventeen years later, Lancelot is sent to rescue Professor Arnold.

Lancelot knocks the door while the terrorists speak to Professor Arnold. A terrorist walks to the door and Lancelot speaks to the terrorist then draws his firearm, shooting the terrorist point blank whilst killing the others in an ensuing fight. When finished, Lancelot tells the panicked Professor Arnold that he will be taken home. Lancelot hears noises and goes to the hallway to see what it is. He then shoots the last terrorist, serving a glass of 1962 Dalmore Whiskey, point blank. Lancelot takes a sip of the half-empty glass while another knock on the door is heard. While approaching the door, Lancelot is cut in half by Gazelle's legs.





  • He was left-handed, as Harry explains to Eggsy that all Kingsman agents wear their rings on which ever hand is dominant, and Lancelot can be seen wearing his ring on his left hand, thus making him left-handed.
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