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Hart: ""If I save the world, can I have tickets to your next concert?""
John: ""Darling, if you save the world, you can have backstage passes""
―Harry Hart asking for tickets to Elton's next concert

Elton John is a fictional version of the real-life Elton John. He makes his first appearance in Kingsman: The Golden Circle after being kidnapped by Poppy Adams and taken to Poppy Land where he was forced to perform his hit albums and songs.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

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  • Elton John was supposed to have a brief cameo in the first film along with a number of celebrities who were kidnapped by Richmond Valentine at Valentine's headquarters.
  • Poppy Adams is shown to have a slight obsession with Elton John, even going as far as to name her robotic dogs 'Bennie' and 'Jet', which after Elton's hit album
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