Daisy Baker is the daughter of Dean Baker and Michelle Unwin. She is Eggsy's baby half-sister.

Kingsman: The Secret Service

Daisy appeared as a baby at the start of the film.

When Eggsy returned from his Kingsman training, after failing to shoot his dog JB, he was surprised how she had grown to a toddler since he had left.

Valentine's Sim Card

After Roxy warned Michelle to lock herself away from Daisy so she wouldn't hurt her as Michelle had a SIM Card, created by billionaire Richmond Valentine, in her phone and Valentine had created it admit a wave signal that has people become uncontrollably violent until they kill each other, Daisy was locked alone the bathroom by her mother. As Daisy heard her violently to break the bathroom door down, she became scared and starting crying. When Michelle used a cleaver to break through the door, she about to kill Daisy, only for Michelle to stop after her brother was able kill to Valentine. After horrified Michelle came to her senses, she hugged and apologised to Daisy promising she would never hurt her.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Although Daisy did not appear in this film, it was highly presumed that she was likely at her brother's wedding with her mother.

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