Agent Whiskey attempting to seduce Clara.

Clara Von Gluckfberg was the ex-girlfriend of Charlie Hesketh. At some point she became a member of The Golden Circle.

Prior to the events of Kingsman: The Golden Circle, she and Charlie split up.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Meeting Eggsy and Tracking

She then went to a musical concert where she met Agent Whiskey and Eggsy (Who the latter had been following on social media). The two spies secretly desire to plant a tracker in her vagina.

After Agent Whiskey's failed attempt, Eggsy succeeded to hook-up with Clara, under the false name 'River'.

Clara and Eggsy then enter her tent, where Eggsy goes to the lavatory. In there, he calls Princess Tilde and asks for her permission to allow him to place the tracker in her, which places strain on their relationship. In order to stop the Golden Circle, Eggsy quickly places the tracker and then leaves.

At the concert she eventually takes some type of drug, and develops 'blue rashes'. She then calls Charlie asking him for an antidote, to which he instructs her to go to Italy. The call was intercepted by Merlin thus revealing the location of the antidote.

Italy and Death

She then travelled to the Antidote Factory in Italy and drank the antidote, but was surprised when 'River' (aka Eggsy) arrived. Charlie then pursued Eggsy after he stole a vial of the remedy.

As Charlie leaves the factory in a helicopter, she begs him not to tell Poppy that she caused the Kingsman attack, to which he promises not to, before betraying her and exploding the factory, ultimately killing her.





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