Champagne is the leader of the American spy agency Statesman. He is portrayed by Jeff Bridges in Kingsman: The Golden Circle.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle

Champagne first appeared when he greeted Eggsy Unwin and Merlin and demonstrated his skill as an agent by throwing his hat across the room right onto the top of a oversized champagne bottle with his back turned. He proceeded to apologise sincerely for all misunderstandings between the Statesmen and the Kingsman that had happened thus far, and offered them any support he can give. He also chastised Tequila for his behaviour, while also noting a blue rash on his neck, telling him to report to the sick bay. He then had Eggsy paired up with Whiskey to track down Charlie Hesketh's former girlfriend, Clara Von Gluckfberg. He sampled whiskey throughout the encounter.

He was deeply concerned about Tequila's well-being when the latter was affected by Poppy Adams's tainted drugs, and immediately dispatched all available Statesman agents to track down the cure in the interest of his agents and the world, despite contradicting the President. His other interactions with the rest of his team showed that his devotion to them is just as strong. He was constantly taking a sniff or a swish of bourbon while discussing important strategies with the Statesman and the Kingsman. He didn't actually swallow anything, however, and kept a spittoon by his chair.

Following Harry and Eggsy stopping Poppy, Champagne stated that it was rather confusing with the two both having the codename Galahad and offered one of them to join them for the position of Whiskey. When the two both declined, Ginger Ale offered to take up the position, which was met with open arms by the other agents. Champagne later attended Eggsy's wedding to Princess Tilde.




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