• GradyP240105


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  • GKKaari

    The Kingsman

    September 7, 2019 by GKKaari

    This is a movie that deals with the era before the formation of The Kingsman. 

    The King's Man Official teaser

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  • GeorgeEnwin.Jr

    I just heard the news about Kingsman spin-off. Kingsman: The Great Game:

    Another 1 year waiting for the movie? what do you think?

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  • Thenightwolf333

    Greetings everyone! Since not much is planned for the upcoming third Kingsman movie, I took the liberty of combining the little-known information we alady have with some of my ideas, and created a possible storyline. I hope you like what you read!

    When a ruthless organization threatens the lives of millions of people worldwide, Kingsman and Statesman must join forces yet again in order to prevent a global catastrophe for human health. However, it becomes more complicated when the organization's leader, the "Red Goliath" reveals the two agencies' existance to the world. Now exposed and no longer independent, the agents must show that they are on the good side to the world's governments, rescue some old friends, and stop the Red Goliath and h…

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  • Action, Boi!

    Which one of these Kingsman agent would you want to be your father?

    - Harry Hart

    - Merlin

    - Eggsy

    These are some of my fav so if you want a different one just comment, Mine is Eggsy.

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  • CoolStarWars1

    Hi everybody - I believe that "The Kingsman Directory" Wikia site is an extremely good Wikia that not enough people are editing, or even viewing. You can change this by adding pages, or editing them.


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  • DarRam
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