Alpha-Gel is a substance used by Statesman that can protect the brain from a headshot wound. After the Alpha-Gel is applied, the agent is brought back to the laboratory, where nanites are used to repair tissue damage in the brain.

It is seen used by Ginger Ale to heal Harry after Valentine shot him and later seen used by Eggsy to heal Agent Whiskey after Harry shot him in the head.


Ginger Ale said that upon applying the Alpha-Gel to an individual, they would suffer from severe amnesia and short-term memory loss. They were able to recover their memory if they were to remember a traumatic event in their life; in the case of Harry Heart, he was placed in a situation that reminded him of his shooting of his Cairn Terrier Mr. Pickle. In the case of Agent Whiskey, he was shown a photograph of deceased wife, causing him to remember her death.

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